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A Statement to the public opinion

series of declarations were given by Russian Foreign Minister Mr.Sergey Lavrov regarding the American presence in north and east of Syria. His recent declaration about the east part of the Euphrates and the Kurdish issue, is suspicious and disturbing.

We ,as a political party in the Syria Democratic Council, are striving to solve the Syrian crisis by peaceful and Democratic ways. And we consider that the Kurdish issue as a national issue that must be resolved in accordance with the international pacts , and must be dealt with constitutionally within the unity of Syria. And these rights must be affirmed with the rights of all entities as a basic principle to replace peace and security to the country. Therefore, we reject such declarations, which only contribute to unrest and unstability of the region, which has maintained the civil peace ,the lives of citizens, and fought terrorism and defeated ISIS inits strongholds

We affirm the independence of our decision and our free Syrian national will and our complete refusal to involve us in the policies of the axes , considering us as an instrument for provocation and extortion, so we call upon the Russian Government to pay attention to the devastating consequences of the Russian-Turkish agreement about Afrin and stopping crimes against humanity committed by the Turkish occupiers and its terrorist partners against Afrin and its locals. We also call upon the Russian Government to seek urgently for a political solution and not delay the crisis by unrealistic declarations. We stress on the necessity of our participation in the political process as our right to end the crisis in Syria and fixing security, stability and unity of the country.

Syria Democratic Council