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The Co- president and a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council met with political parties and powers in Qamishlo city to enhance relations and to discuss political developments in Syria generally and northeast of Syria particularly
The delegation of SDC consisted of the CO- president, Riad Darrar, the vice-presidency, Majdolin Hassan, the vice -Chairman of the Executive Body, Hikmet Habib, and a member of the Public Relations office, Farhad Hamo, in addition to member of the presidential council Sihanouk Dibo and the independent political activist, Ali Rahmoun
The delegation of SDC met with the Democratic Union Party (DUP) at the party headquarter, where they were received by the Co- presidency of the party, Shahoz Hassan and Aisha Hasso, and the two members of the General Council of the party Abdulkarim Sarokhan and Manal Mohammed
The delegation also met with the Assyrian Democratic Organization in its headquarter in Qamishlo city. They were received by the Official of the Assyrian Organization, Daoud Daoud, the member of the General Secretariat ,Orshina Hanna, and a member of the Public Relations Office, Jaqub Shabo
During the bilateral meetings,The delegation of SDC discussed the need to strengthen relations with various Syrian powers that believe in dialogue and democratic solution in order to unify visions and resolve the Syrian crisis to end the sufferings of Syrian people
In this context, the Council referred to the results of the Third Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which was recently held in the Syrian city of Kubani
For their part, The Assyrian Democratic Organization and the Democratic Union Party stressed the need to continue the dialogue, considering it a step in the right direction to build a decentralized democratic Syria
On the other hand, the Official of the Assyrian Democratic Organizatio, Daoud Daoud, pointed to the need for participatory life and exiting from alignments that do not serve the efforts of Syrian-Syrian solution
In the same context, the Co-President of the DUP, Shahuz Hassan stressed that Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the keystone for building a democratic Syria that accommodates all its racism, religious and ethnic constituents , so it is important that all Syrians , who are in favor of Syria as a homeland, to participate in the solution
The Council delegation concluded its meeting by stressing the continuity of communication with all the Syrian parties and the open-mindedness of the Council to dialogue in order to serve the interests of Syrians and to resolve their crisis according to its political course and related international resolutions

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council

  2April 2019