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General Commandor of the Syria Democratic Forces ( MSD) Mazloum Abdi, during his speech at the Syrian Tribes Forum stressed that they are with a shared negotiated solution that ends Syrian crisis and paves the way for a comprehensive political settlement away from reconciliation which mean confiscation of Syrians’ will
The speech of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syria Democratic Forces came during Syrian Tribes Forum which was held upon an invitation by the Syria Democratic Council in town of Ein Issa / Rural areas of Raqqa / on Friday, 3 May with participation of a wide range of Syrian tribes from all Syrian regions
Abdi thanked tribal elders and their tribesmen who stood alongside with SDF, saying
” In the name of general leadership of SDF, I offer my thanks to tribes for their support and standing alongside with our forces especially our people in areas of Manbij, Raqqa, Al-Tabqqa and Deir Zour which had been liberated from ISIS and its mercenaries by our forces.These tribes had welcomed us and offered all kinds of support. We will be loyal to our covenant and protect them as we have liberated them ”
Abdi praised the role of components of Northeast Syria, their participation and joining to the Syria Democratic Forces in combating terrorism and defeating it. He added that SDF is a distinctive national military institution and will not abandon its duty in defense and protection
“The military institutions of Syrian government have not done their duty to defend these areas, have neglected their people, their families and left them prey to external intervention and terrorist organizations. This was one of the main motives for Kurds youth along with other components of Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians and Turkmens to establish the Syria Democratic Forces “

The commander-in-chief of Syria Democratic Forces continued sayiny : Our forces are the only national military institution that is faraway from sectarianism and racism, so nobody has right to exaggerate patriotism more than Syria Democratic Forces”

About the presence of international forces on Syrian territory, Abdi said
“The presence of International Coalition forces in our regions, as well as the presence of Russian forces have had a positive role in defeating terrorism, where terrorism is still present in Afrin, Idlib, Jarablis and al-Bab. As long as there is ISIS, the role of International Coalition Forces and Russian forces is still required”
During his speech, Abdi stressed on unity of Syrian territories and affirmed on negotiated solution through Syrian-Syrian dialogue to solve all problems. He said that it is unacceptable to return to pre-2011 period and to central government
He added that it is impossible to talk about a democratic Syria without recognizing of constitutional rights for Kurdish people. In order to solve Syrian crisis, the Self-Administration that preserves Syrian territorial integrity and all components must be recognized. Any solution without accepting specificity of Syria Democratic Forces and their future role in Syria will not be successful
He also expressed readiness of their forces to negotiate and to make dialogue with everyone about all issues, including Turkish state, and noted that there are indirect negotiations through mediators with Turkey. But there are also conditions that Turkish state should commit with them, including sovereignty of Syrian state, returning Afrin to its people, coming back locally displaced people to their homes and without such conditions, no solution can be reached to

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syria Democratic Forces concluded his speech by saying
“We have overcome previous challenges, have won victory over ISIS.As we all united in civil and military aspects, we must now also join together stronger in next stage to overcome all problems”
I demand from all tribes and dignitaries of the region to continue their support for Syria Democratic Forces morally, because this is a decisive factor for victory in this new stage. As we have won together on terrorism and defeated ISIS militarily, we will prevail in next stage and be victorious

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
4 May 2019