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Today on April 25, the General Council of the Self-Administration of North and East of Syria approved the formation of a third council within the Self-Administration structure in the name of Justice Council, at the Self-Administration headquarter in Ein-Issa / Riqqa rural area.
The majority of the General Council members met in the presence of Farid Atti ,the Joint Chairman of the General Council, and the joint chairmanship of the Executive Council both Berivan Khalid and Abed Hamed Al-Muhabash in addition to the attendance of the nominated members for membership of the Justice Council.
The meeting began with discussing the latest political developments in Syria and the regions of north and east of Syria specifically. The joint chairman of the Executive Council, Abed Hamed Al-Muhabash, presented the details of his visit within the delegation of the Self-Administration to France upon an invitation of French Presidency.
Al-Muhabash described the visit as productive and positive. He stressed that the French side is following-up and interested in the Self-Administration regions in north and east of Syria.
During the meeting, a number of issues and files were discussed including the issue of members of the terrorist organization ISIS and their families detained in prisons of Self-Administration and the need for the participation of representatives of North and East of Syria in the drafting committees of the constitution. In addition, the French Presidency stressed on the need to protect eastern and northern regions of Syria from any threat.
The meeting continued its work by reading the rules of procedure of the Self-Administration and then introduced the proposed names for the membership of the Justice Council and their CVs . The vote was then opened to approve the membership of ten nominees separately. Each nominee presented a summary of his CV ,all were approved by members of the General Council and the nominees gave the oath to start their work in the Justice Council.
The rules of procedure of the Self-Administration stipulate that the members of the Justice Council shall be thirteen members in which the vote on the ratification of the three remaining names was postponed until announcement of their names.
Thus, three councils have been formed within the Self-Administration structure of North and East of Syria / the General Council – the Executive Council –the Justice Council /, and all members of the last Council are experienced and technocrats.

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
25 April 2019