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The joint presidency of the Syria Democratic Council presented the shield of victory to leadership of the Syria Democratic Forces on their achievements and victory on the terrorist organization ISIS, in the headquarter of SDF in rural areas of Rifqa

The delegation included Amina Omar and Riad Darrar, the joint presidency of MSD, the two vice -presidents, Kabriel Shamoun and Majduline Hassan, as well as Jihad Omar, the joint head of the Public Relations Office, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Body, Hikmat Habib, member of presidency Council , Hassan M. Ali, and a number of members of MSD.They were received by the commander of SDF “Mazloum Abdi” and a number of leaders of SDF

The delegation of MSD congratulated SDF on their achievements and victory over terrorist forces in north and east of Syria, their role in ending the terrorist organization militarily, and bringing security and stability

 The leader of SDF , Mazloum Abdi, said that the victory achieved by MSD came as a result of sacrifices made by SDF and solidarity of all ethnic and religious constituents like : Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrian, Turkmens, Charchasians and other components of north and east of Syria and their desire to live together according to the principle of democratic nation
MSD Command also referred to the strategy of its forces in the post- period of eliminating ISIS militarily and the challenges that these forces are facing in the next stage, by eliminating sleeping cells of ISIS and means of providing security and stability in the region

On the other hand, the joint presidency of MSD considered that the victory achieved by SDF removed many obstacles to settlement of Syrian crisis and paves the way to political process to end the sufferings of Syrian people with all their components through Syrian-Syrian dialogue in order to reach a decentralized democratic Syria
The delegation of SDC also discussed its strategy in current and future stage, in addition to challenges facing the region like the threats and the issue of elements of the global terrorist organization” ISIS” and its detained families by self-management in north and east of Syria. This issue must be solved through establishing an international tribunal in areas of self-administration and judging them because of the danger of regrouping themselves in case of any chaos in the region
In the same context, the delegation of MSD talked about the process of comprehensive development in the areas of self-management through development, providing more support and establishing developing projects that serve the people

At the end of the meeting, the delegation presented the shield of victory to commander of SDF as an expression for the sacrifices made by this forces for defeating the terrorist organization and their efforts in establishing security and stability

  Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council



30 March 2019