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The Office for the Development and Humanitarian Affairs is holding a training workshop

On Monday, 17 December 2018, the Office for Development and Humanitarian Affairs, in coordination with the Organizations Forum of North and East of Syria, held a training workshop which included the “International Humanitarian Law and humanitarian principles” and how to apply them at the headquarter of the Council in Ain-Issa.

The workshop was attended by Abdelkader-Mewahad, the Co-president of the Office for Development and Humanitarian Affairs, and members of the office as well as representatives of the organizations offices in the regions of North and East of Syria, Al-Raqqa, Deir Al-Zour, Manbj, Tabqa, Aljazera and Kobani.
The first axe of the training workshop was the “Geneva Call”, which included IHL and its rules that aimed at limitation of the armed conflict effects and the role which is played by the IHL in areas of armed conflict and civil wars, as well as the differences between IHL and human rights law and the rights that can not be disabled.

The second and third axis of the training workshop presented the Organizations Forum of North and East of Syria “NES FORUM” and started to define the humanitarian principles, the principles of dealing humanitarian organizations with the civil and administrative entities and activating the principles of dealing in all stages of project cycle management” PCM” and cross-border humanitarian response.

The workshop concluded by stressing the establishment of other training workshops and to include materials related to the relief and humanitarian work.

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
18 December 2018