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On 23 April, the Aleppo office of the Syria Democratic Council (MSD) received a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Party in the office of the Council in Sheikh Maksoud suburb in Aleppo to discuss a number of issues of general concern
 The delegation of the Syrian Democratic Party included the leader and the head of the branch of Aleppo, Marwan Assaf Al-Nuaimi, and the official of Al- Tabqqa branch , Riyad Al-Hassan.They were received by the two members of the Presidential Council Fahima Hamo and Maraee Al-Shibli, as well as member of the general relations office Fatima Al- Hassino and member of organization office Hanan Hamdoush 
After welcoming, the two sides discussed the latest political developments in Syrian arena and the whole region.They also discussed the reasons for prolonging the Syrian crisis.The two sides attributed this to external interference and confiscation of Syrian decision according to interests of overlapping parties
For her part, the member of the Presidential Council, Fahima Hamo, spoke to the delegation of the Syrian Democratic Party about the project of the Syria Democratic Council and series of Syrian-Syrian dialogues organized by the Syria Democratic Council in order to unite the vision and bring points of views closer to get out of the crisis and build a decentralized democratic Syria
As for the presence of Turkish forces in the Syrian north, the Syrian Democratic Party asserted that what the Turkish state has done in Syrian north, according to all international standards and laws, is occupation and shows its ambitions in Syrian territories
In this context, the member of the Presidential Council, Maraee Al-Shibli, stressed the need to unite all Syrian components according to principles of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples. He pointed out that the stage requires collaboration of efforts by everyone to resolve the crisis and end the suffering of people

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
23 April 2019