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The Organization Office held its monthly periodic meeting on the evening of 30-10-2018 to discuss the organizational situation and the latest political developments at the council headquarters in the city of Al- Qamishli

The meeting was co-chaired by Hikmat Habib, the Co-head of the organization’s office and the majority of the offices of “Al Qamishli – Darbasiya – Al Hasakah – Ain Issa”.

The meeting addressed several themes, including discussing the reports of the monthly offices and their activities, the latest political developments in the Syrian and regional arena and the recent escalation by the Turkish Army.
Plans were also made to improve the mechanisms of the work process, and to hold large public meetings during the next stage to explain the policy documents of /SDC/ about Council’s vision of the solution in Syria, and the formation of committees to communicate with the interior in order to define the objectives of the Council at the Syrian level.
“Habib Habib,” during the meeting between the objectives of the Turkish state of the shelling on villages in the countryside of the city of Kobany, describing the serious escalation, and stressed the need for intervention by countries of political interest in Syria to stop these provocative methods, which would obstruct the process of political solution in Syria.
It is noteworthy that the Syria Democratic Council stated last Monday with a statement condemning the Turkish State interventions in northern Syria.

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