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On Monday 7/1/2019,
the Organization Office of the Syrian Democratic Office Council(SDC) organized an overall
meeting with the members of the Center Offices in Ain Essa to evaluate works during 2018 and discussed the new work plans during 2019.

The meeting was attended by most of the offices of the Syrian Democratic Council in the presence of the joint head of the organization office, “Laila Kahraman”.
The meeting began by mentioning the latest political developments on the Syrian arena and the diplomatic efforts aimed to resolving the Syrian crisis according to the Security Council resolutions and the political course led by the UN Special Envoy to Syria.

They also mentioned during the meeting the repercussions of the US president’s decision to withdraw his troops from Syria at a time when the Turkish state is threatening to invade the self-governing management areas in northern and eastern Syria.

During the meeting, the attaindees appreciated the sacrifices provided by Syrian Democratic Forces in order to liberate the remaining areas of eastern Euphrates under the control of ISIS , in addition to the role of local civil councils in establishing security, stability and providing services to the people after liberation.

On the other hand, the participants evaluated the work of the Council offices in the area of ​​”Ain Issa” during the last 2018, and the various challenges faced them, and the evaluation of the various activities that carried out.

The participants stressed the need to prepare an executive plan for each office, to find a joint working formula to increase coordination and avoid mistakes during the past year, and to intensify efforts and establish the principle of equality to reach a decentralized democratic Syria.

The meeting is organized by the Organization Office in light of the recent developments in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and the circumstances that require an increase in the organization and coordination between the various activities.

The Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council.

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council