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The Organizing Office of the Syria Democratic Council took part in the 3rd anniversary of people with Special Needs Celebration which organized by the “Gadan Ahla Organization” in Al_Darbasiyah.

The celebration was to support the humanitarian side of children with “Special Needs” and to highlight their reality and the need to provide financial and moral support for them.

The celebration was attended by many local organizations and social activities in the city of Al- Darbasiya, with the participation of members of the organization office and in cooperation with Hikmat Habib, the Co-President of the organization office.

During the ceremony, a number of speeches were made, including a speech on behalf of the organization office, in which he congratulated all those who worked on this initiative. He called on all social activities to provide adequate support to people with Special Needs. At the end of the ceremony, the members offered presents to encourage children.

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
November/6/ 2018