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Today, on 27 April, the Organization Office in the Syria Democratic Council, during its periodic meeting , evaluated the Office activities during the last month that was held in Al- Derbasiya city, northeast of Syria, in addition to discussing plans for the work of the Office during the next stage
The meeting was attended by the majority of the members of the organization Office from all branches and centers, in addition to the joint chairmanship Laila Qahraman and Hikmet Habib
Initially,the meeting discussed the political developments on the Syrian arena and the international meetings related to the Syrian file. The meeting also discussed the results of the delegation visit of the representatives of North and East Syria headed by the Syria Democratic Council to Paris, the French Capital, at the official invitation of the French presidency
The meeting continued its activities by reading and discussing the reports of the sub-offices in addition to evaluating various activities made by the offices during the last month
Then the attendants discussed the plans and programs during the next stage. The attendants agreed on the need for the participation of the public in leading the next phase in all its factions and with the participation of all constituents
The meeting concluded with a number of decisions aimed at developing the work and expanding the public base through holding public lectures and seminars in all regions and introducing the Syria Democratic Council vision and its efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in order to form a joint ground to solve the crisis ,end the suffering of the Syrian people and build a decentralized democratic Syria for all Syrians

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council

27 April 2019