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On Saturday 2/3/2019 the presidential council of the Syrian Democratic Council held its regular meeting ,in Ain-Issa district /rural areas of Al-Reqqa/, In light of the rapid developments that are taking place in Syria  generally and the regions of north and east of Syria particularly, on the political and military levels

The meeting was attended by the majority of the Presidential Council members in addition to Amina Omer, the Co-President of the Syrian Democratic Council and Ilham Ahmed ,the Executive Body Chairwoman


The meeting began by talking about the overall political developments and the results of the visit of a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council to several international capitals


On her part Ilham Ahmed ,the Executive Body Chairwoman, talked about her visit to the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom and her meeting with officials there

Ahmed referred to the files that she dealt with during her meeting with senior officials in addition to the Centers for Research and Studies. And the US directly withdrawal decision and its repercussions on the battles of defeating the terrorist organization was among the most important topics that had been discussed

As well as the Turkish threats to invade North and East of Syria which coincided with the US withdrawal decision , was one of the meeting files of the Executive Body Chairwoman in her tour

It was also discussed during the meetings about the safe area where “Ahmed”  confirmed that the safe area from the Turkish perspective is the occupation and repeated experience of Afrin, whose people are suffering now from the practices of the Turkish State and its mercenaries against the indigenous people

Ilham Ahmed ,the Executive Body Chairwoman, said that she informed the officials during her meeting that the danger of ISIS is still ongoing and to eliminate  it geographically does not mean the end of it, but by fighting its sleeping cells and its extremist ideology. And this is a challenge that requires continued coordination and cooperation with the Syrian Democratic Forces to ensure the complete elimination of the terrorist organization existence and its culture in the region

In the same context, “Ahmed” added that so far there has been nothing new about the attitude of the Syrian government towards the Self-Administration modal of regions of north and east of Syria, despite of the openness of the Syrian Democratic Council to dialogue with Syrian government

On the other hand, the members of the Presidential Council evaluated the Syrian Democratic Forces  efforts and their sacrifices in order to clean the Syrian geography from terrorism. And they stressed at the same time that the battle of terrorism is still ongoing and it requires collaborated efforts by all  constituents of the region to dry up the roots of extremist thought and its culture

The members of the Presidential Council also called upon the concerned states to cooperate and coordinate with the Syrian Democratic Forces and Self-Administration in regard to the fate of thousands of the terrorist organization members and their families who are detained by SDF and to agree on a form that leading to hold trials for  them in their own countries or through the establishment of special centers in this regard in the regions of Self-Administration and providing all forms of support

The meeting continued by evaluating the committees and offices activities of the Council during February and discussing  programs of offices activities during the current month

The meeting concluded by emphasizing on the objectives of the Syrian Democratic Council that aims to end the Syrian crisis through dialogue and implementing of the road map decisions with the participation of all factions and constituents of the Syrian people without exclusion of any party or constituent


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