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On Tuesday, 6/11/2018, the Syria Democratic Council held a public meeting with the people of “Abo Fera” in the countryside of “Trabaspya” to discuss the latest political developments in Syria in general and the Syrian north in particular.

The meeting, which was managed by “Hikmet Habib – Zehia Al Rashi – Amal Shamdeen” took part in it a group of people of Abo Fera town and institutions of self-management of democracy, in addition to the Co-head of the Council of the region of Terbaspya “Abdel Rahim Hesso”

 Hikmat Habib, Vice-President of the Executive Body of the Syria Democratic Council, spoke about the Syrian crisis and the reasons for prolonging the crisis. He also talked about the establishment of the Syria Democratic Council with the participation of all components to be a project for a mass solution in Syria and meeting the requirements of the Syrian people to achieve their freedom, Dignity ,live free and democratic life

Habib continued to talk about the latest political developments in the region and the attempts of the Turkish state to obstruct the democratic project led by the Syria Democratic Council as the only most mature project and best suited to the current reality of Syria

And in the same course, Zahia al-Rashi, a member of the organization office, and Amal Shamdeen, a member of the Women office , spoke about the pioneer role of women in leading the society and that they are trying to inform and educate women on an equal level and to reject all forms of gender discrimination

It is worth mentioning that these meetings come within the series of public meetings held by the Women and Organization Offices in the Syria Democratic Council to introduce the vision of the Council and its project of the Syrian solution.

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