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Yesterday on 21-1-2019 a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council participated in the celebration which was organized by the Syrian Democratic National Alliance in Al-Tabqa city on the occasion of passing a year on the Era Resistance in Afrin and the starting of the Turkish occupation to it.

The celebration was held at the Cultural Center in Al-Tabqa city and was attended by dozens of peoole of the city and the representatives of democratic civil administrations in north and east of Syria, as well as members of the Women Office from/SDC/ “Najah Khalil, Rojeen Mohammed ,Jian Ibrahim and from the Public Relations Office Jian-Mulla Ahmed.

During the ceremony, Ferhad Hamo the General Coordinator Assistant of the Syrian Democratic National Alliance and a member of the Public Relations Office in the Syrian Democratic Council, made a speech in which he stressed the necessity of cooperation and partnership among all entities of the region in order to stand in the face of the Turkish expansionist occupational plan which seeks to split the region and to hit its democratic project.

Hamo also denounced the International silence towards the inhuman abuses that are committed by the Turkish Occupation in Afrin.”The Occupation of Afrin by Turkish Occupation has proved that the whole world has stopped seeing the truth and what happened there is against humanity,” Hamo said.

The ceremony ended with presenting a video of the scenes that took place in Afrin like bombing ,displacement of the people ,in addition to the resistance which was made by Afrin people.

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council