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International silence on the crimes of the Turkish state and its terrorist groups continues despite the confirmation and other testimony of the United Nations. On Thursday, a new report issued by the UN “International Investigation Committee” about Syria that the radical Islamic battalions operating within the framework of the so-called Syrian National Army” “Free Army ” allied with Turkey in its occupation of Afrin and other areas of Syria , that the area of ​​Afrin is exposed  to war crimes 

The report stated that the members of the armed groups who occupied Afrin committed and commit war crimes, hostage-taking, cruel treatment, torture, looting, and seizure

Because of the apparent absence of the rule of law, it is still unclear whether the Turkish forces are able to exert their overall control over the armed groups, supported by Turkey, in the region , the report added  

The report clarified that the conflict and fighting between the armed groups themselves and the multiple car bomb attacks have exacerbated the security situation and this area has become unstable

According to the United Nations report, more than 50 armed groups supported by Ankara share control of  Afrin region, including Ahrar al-Sham,  Sham Corps,  Elite Army,  al-Sharqiya army,  Shamia  Front, Nur al-Din al-Zanki and others 

The residents of Afrin describe the “total absence of the rule of law, where the controlling parties are either unwilling or unable to provide security, not to follow complaints and stop violations … where they extort money from citizens 

Some residents confirmed that most of the factions are involved in “looting, arbitrary detention and kidnapping” carried out in front of the eyes of Turkish forces and their participation

Afrin lacks an “effective security apparatus where the rule of law is absent,” the report said, adding that “the most common violations in Afrin involve kidnappings by armed groups and criminal gangs who demand ransom to release the  kidnapped persons

The United Nations report found that although the victims and their families in Afrin reported such cases to  military police, civil police and Turkish authorities, but they did not receive or follow up complaints 

Many of the cases involving arbitrary arrests by members of armed groups also included credible allegations of torture and ill-treatment, and the Kurds are often targeted only,” the report added 

According to the United Nations report, these occupying forces also confiscate the property of the victim, including vehicles and livestock, or loot their land, especially olive trees, which remain an important source of income for thousands of farmers in the area

The report comes with a claim made by Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin in January that Turkey is committed to safety of lives and property of Syrians, including Kurds 

The lack of effective complaints mechanisms and a central judicial system, with the presence of dozens of factions sharing control of the city and its sub-districts, have confused civilians about the institution that is responsible for dealing  certain grievances, including cases of “arrest and confiscation of property