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The Women Office in the Syria Democratic Council in coordination with the Star Conference Foundation in Serin sub-district held a meeting for Serin sub-district women in the rural area of Kubani province in order to look at the women situations and to discuss the projects that were made by the Star Conference as a future work plan for Serin women .The main objective of this plan is to empower women and help them financially and morally
The Women Office delegation included, Amina Saleh, Niroz Abdul-Rahman, Rojin Mohammed, members of the Star Conference and Women House in Serin sub-district, as well as many women

During the meeting, Amina Saleh informed
the attendants with the rules of procedure and the political document of the Syria Democratic Council. She stressed that the main objective of the Council is to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people, gender equality, justice, guaranteeing women rights and combating extremism in all its forms

The meeting included several discussions such as discussing the women situation in Serin sub-district and the difficulties that encountered them during the existence of ISIS, the terrorist organization, and the impact of those years on women and their marginalization socially, economically and politically
For her part, the Conference Star administrator talked about the projects and plans that were made by the Conference Star in order to help women in all fields, to provide them with appropriate support and to encourage them to work in order to increase their self-reliance on themselves such as opening of developing projects like( sewing workshops, embroidery , house of supplies and clothing shops … etc)

This comes within the efforts of the Women Office in the Syria Democratic Council to empower women in North and East of Syria and their self-reliance on themselves in all fields

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council

18 April 2019