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The Women’s Office holds a meeting for the administrators of the civil institutions in the area of ​​Tal Cougar / Ya’aroubya .

On Monday, December 17, 2018, the Women’s office of the Syrian Democratic Council held a meetingg for the civil institutions in Tal Cougar area to discuss the latest political developments in the region and the vision of the Syrian Democratic Council about the solution mechanism in Syria.

The meeting was attended by a number of the area administrators , in the presence of the two members of the Presidential Council, “Janda Hawel and Kulistan Ibrahim.” The latest political developments in the region, including Syria, were discussed, particularly the latest threats by the Turkish state towards the entities in the north of Syrian and the democratic project adopted by the sons of the north with all their spectrums .
They also discussed the role of the Syrian Democratic Council in this sensitive period in Syria and the visions presented by the Council during the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Conference as a national solution to achieve equality and social justice through the application of the model of democratic self-management to the whole of the Syrian geography.

It is worth mentioning that the Women’s office continues to hold public gatherings to introduce the vision of the Syria Democratic Council .

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council
18 December 2018