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Thousands of Al-Shahba people denouce the Turkish threats to North and East of Syria

On Thursday Dec15th 2018.Thousands of people from Al-Shahba district condemned the Turkish threats to North and East of Syria through a mass demonstration which was organized by Al-Shahba district council in Ahras area.

The demonstration was attended by a large crowd of people of the region, in addition to the participation of the offices members of Afrin and Al-shahba “Shireen Qasso, Mohammed Hassan, Jamal Rashid, Berivan Ali and Ismat Mohammed”

The demonstration came to denounce the recent Turkish threats against the people of North Syria. The demonstrators expressed their rejection of these threats which aimed at undermining the democratic project that achieved by the people of the region.

During the demonstration, Al-Shahba district Council issued a declaration condemning the Turkish State policy towards the people of North of Syria and denouncing at the same time the violations which are committed against the people of Afrin and other Syrian cities. The declaration also called upon the international community, the Security Council, the European Union Organizations and the Arab League to break their silence towards theTurkish State crimes against the Syrian people.

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
Dec16th. 2018