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On April 18, thousands of people from Afrin and Shuhba protested against the international and Russian silence in particular about the transgressions of the Turkish occupier and the attempts to divide the Syrian territory.The demonstration was held in front of the Russian Reconciliation Center in the village of Al-Wahshiya -Shahba District / rural areas of Aleppo
The demonstration began in front of Berkhadan Camp in the province of Shahba, where families and martyrs’ families gathered raising hundreds of photographs of the martyrs of “resistance of the era” and signs condemning the Turkish occupation, international and Russian silence.The demonstrators asserted that building police stations in Afrin is a division to Syrian territory
Then,They went to the Russian Reconciliation Center in the village of Al-Wahshiya, passing through Favin sub-district, where a delegation of martyrs’ families went to the center and presented a wreath of black flowers that said “No to Turkish occupation”, as an expression of their protest against the Russian silence
Many speeches were given, condemning the international silence of what is happening in Afrin as a blatant violation of the international law and the human rights charter. They also condemned the Russian position, saying that what happened in Afrin was with the approval of Russia.The result was killing of hundreds of civilians, including children and women and more than 350000 of civilians were locally displace
For her part, Shadia Ibrahim, member of the Social Justice Committee, considered that the Turkish state is working on the division of Syrian territory, especially after it began to build a wall to draw its borders within the Syrian territory surrounding the occupied city of Afrin
Then, the member of the families of the martyrs’ families, Adnan Sheikh Mohammed, gave a speech in which he said: “The presence of Russian forces in the Syrian territory was based on ensuring the protection of land from divisions, but what is happening now, is the construction of the separation wall between the villages of Shirawa aiming to isolate Afrin from Syrian territory by the Turkish occupation
In turn, the joint president of Shahba province, Wafa Mustafa, condemned violations and abuses of the Turkish occupation in Syrian territory, demanding the regional and Syrian authorities to determine their position regarding the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory and work to end it
At the end of the demonstration, a delegation from the demonstration presented a protest message on behalf of the martyrs’ families to the Russian Reconciliation Center which, in turn, promised to deliver the message to the Russian leadership

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
18 April 2019