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The Turkish occupation state began to build a concrete wall around the city of Afrin to isolate it from its Syrian surroundings in preparation for implementation of its plan to annex Afrin region to its geography, similar to Iskenderun district, which was taken from Syrian territory and annexed to Turkey in 1930s

The Turkish state is constructing 70 km of concrete wall with control towers in direct contact with Turkish military points. The Turkish state aims to consolidate the occupation in preparation for annexing Afrin area, exploiting suspicious international silence

The construction of the wall is a continuation of its actions against human rights values ​​and international conventions.The Turkish state and its terrorist groups continue their criminal and aggressive actions against residents of Afrin

“In past weeks, the Turkish state has demolished and bulldozed houses and civilian properties in the village of Jalbal to complete the construction of an isolated concrete wall from the villages of Miriman in the north to Kimar in the south and Jalbal in the south-west of the city of Afrin to isolate the city from Syrian territory” local activists reported

Since occupation of Afrin a year ago, the Turkish army has forced its inhabitants and indigenous people to displace in order to settle associated mercenary groups in Afrin area, and to change the demographic structure in the region, in addition to harassing remaining people and committing various kinds of intimidation with the aim to force them to leave their homes and property

The Turkish state is also changing features of the region and obliterating the Kurdish and Syrian identity as well as cutting off olive trees and plundering resources. In addition to kidnapping , extortion, demanding for ransom and imposing royalties on people by mercenaries with the absence of any legal deterrent or any human rights resort, people can depend on within Afrin region

All violations and practices of Turkish state and its mercenaries in Afrin region have been confirmed by reports of international human rights organizations, but Turkey does not cease to complete its expansionist plans without any serious attitude by Syrian government towards the occupation of a part of its territory 
Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
25 April 2019