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On Friday, 10-11-2018, the Women Office of the Syria Democratic Council organized a women’s lecture to discuss the latest political developments in the region and the issue of “standing against violence against women” in the Legislative Council hall in the city of Manbaj.

The meeting was attended by dozens of women in the institutions of the democratic civil administration in Manbaj, in the presence of “Elham Omar” the member of the Presidential Council and members of the Women Office.

The lecture addressed the latest political developments. During her speech that the current events taking place in the north and east of Syria are aimed at undermining the democratic project established by all segments of the Syrian people ,”Ilham Omer said.

And that the recent Turkish attacks on the cities of the north of Syria and the silence of the international community towards them reflects the degree of duplication that some international parties are dealing with the issues of the region.

On the subject of standing against violence against women, Omar called for the necessity of defending Syrian women’s rights and arming themselves with awareness and knowledge. “Syrian women have become more mature during the Syrian crisis and have the right to take part in the political solution through international conferences,” she said

It is worth mentioning that the Women Office is one of the offices of the executive body and works to promote the rights of women and activate their role in the cultural, social and political aspects

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