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On 6/1/2019 the Women Office of the Syrian Democratic Council took part in the sit-in tent near the Turkish border in the city of Sri Kanya / Ras al-Ain to denounce the Turkish threats to the north of Syria.

The sit-in was participated by the branches of the Women Office from Al-Qamishli, Al-Hasakah, Darbasiyah, Al-Qahtaniyah and Terba Sabih, which were called for by community activites in the city of Sri Kanya / Ras Al-Ain.

Several speeches were made by participants and expatriates from various parts of the region, condemning Turkey’s continuing threats to invade Syrian territories and to undermine the security and stability prevailing in the areas of self-management.

In the same context, the administrative in the Women Office, Amal Shamdeen, gave a speech on behalf of the Women Office, denouncing the Turkish threats to north and east of Syria. She said that the aim of the Turkish State from the recent threats is to hit the gains which were made by the Syrian democratic forces After liberating large areas of north and east of Syria, and decreasing ISIS in its last enclave of east Euphrates.

Shamdeen also demanded that the United Nations, the Security Council, the International Community and Human Rights Organizations should rein in the Turkish State and prevent it from committing crimes against the peoples of north and east of Syria, as it did in north-west Syria and Afrin.

Shamdeen concluded by saying that the people of north-east Syria should unite together with Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkmans and all entities and stand up to the Turkish State that
has not ceased to threaten the occupation of Syrian territories in order to abort the experience of democratic self-management.

It is worth mentioning that the sit-in tent organized by community activities in the city of Sri Kanya/ Ras al-Ain. It continues on its nineteenth day, and witnessed a wide participation by the institutions of self-management and political parties and a large participation of the people of the region.

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council