The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement for the public opinion

The first of May every year marks the International Labor Day, which is celebrated by laborious groups all over the world, with the aim of removal, the injustice, oppression and various forms of exploitation, and achieving a world in which all the rights of these groups are protected.
We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council congratulate the Syrian laborious and working groups, the general population, and all the persecuted peoples who are striving to obtain their undiminished rights. On this solemn occasion, we affirm that the cruelty of the authoritarian central regime against the hard-working groups did not prevent them from increasing the level of their struggle against the despotism of corruption and the central tyranny that divided the country into neglected areas that lacked the conditions for sustainable development and became vulnerable to the exploitation of the tyrannical regime, and as the Syrian society was divided into crushed classes that were subjected to various forms of oppression in order not to allow them to exercise their legitimate right through democracy in all Syrian areas and regions.
We are as members of SDC, affirm that the march of our struggle and all societal and laborious groups continues and expands to achieve the desired result in a decent living that our people deserve with all components, especially the laborious groups, and seeks to achieve a decentralized democratic state.
We extend with the highest meanings of struggle to the oldest laborious group that has been subjected to the worst policies of discrimination against it, namely the woman whose rights must be fully taken into account in the country’s new constitution as a modern democratic constitution based on the concept of a democratic society with the leadership of the free woman.

April 30, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council