The Syrian Democratic Council

Mrs. Laila Moussa, the representative of SDC in Egypt, meets the Egyptian filmmaker Ali Badrakhan.

The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mrs. Laila Moussa, met with the well-known and great Egyptian filmmaker Ali Badrakhan, and they discussed the general Syrian issue and its developments and the Autonomous Administration model which is applied in the regions of north and east Syria.
Mrs. Laila Moussa spoke about the Syrian file and the crisis that has existed in the country for ten years, and the developments taking place throughout the region, and pointed out the importance of Egypt and its pivotal role in addressing regional and local crises.
She also spoke about the model of Autonomous Administration and the form of governance in the regions of north and east Syria, community participation, and the pioneering role of women in it.
In turn, the Egyptian filmmaker, Ali Badrakhan, expressed his admiration for the Autonomous Administration model and the case of societal harmony in the regions of north and east Syria.
They also discussed the role of art in the advancement and awareness of societies, especially those societies which suffer from complex crises such as the Syrian society, which has been under the weight of a crisis that has been going on for ten years.
At the end of the meeting, the representative of SDC in Egypt presented a shield of honor to the Egyptian artist and filmmaker Ali Badrakhan for his efforts and service to art and issues of the homeland and humanity.
The Egyptian filmmaker and director, Ali Badrakhan, is considered as one of the most important directors of Egyptian cinema in which he enriched the Egyptian cinema with his films for decades. He is considered as one of the people interested in public affairs, whether in Egypt or in the region in general.