The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement for the public opinion.

In a clear escalation and in a contradiction to the lowest cases of Syrian patriotism and the principles of normal morals in dealing with humanitarian issues, and in contradiction to what is happening about the facts, in which recently, figures from the so-called “coalition” have made false statements denying the occurrence of violations in occupied Afrin, such as those made recently by the so-called Abdul Hakim Bashar, and coincided with the statements of his leader, Nasr Al-Hariri, and the coalition’s media office, in which he is calling for the new Turkish occupation for areas of northern Syria.
We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council condemn and denounce these fabrications and slanders, and we strongly reject what was said by the so-called Abdul Hakim Bashar and his falsehoods, which claim that there are no violations that occur at the hands of the mercenary factions affiliated with the Turkish occupation, knowing that they have become known, circulated and proven by the reports of the Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International Organization and many others including Arab and local Syrian human rights organizations and institutions, so we call on these bodies and all human rights which are stakeholders to see the reality of the situation in occupied Afrin, and we strongly reject the wrong perceptions against the Syrian Democratic Forces. We consider this as irrefutable evidence of actual participation in the massacres that took place in the occupied areas, the policies of displacement, demographic change and the seizure of the capabilities of our people in occupied Afrin, so the Kurdish National Council bears the same responsibility if it does not make its position on such statements by its representatives in the coalition. At the same time, we call upon all the Syrian national forces to assume their responsibilities from such non-national approaches, and to expose their policies that based on false attempts to legitimize the Turkish occupation and justify its crimes against the people of Syria and its original components.

July 3, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council