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Statement to Public Opinion

The SDC declares as the biggest coalition framework of opposition powers its readiness to negotiate with the Syrian government

In the Syrian Democratic Council, we followed President Bashar al-Assad’s interview last night. Although we disagree with many of the issues he raised, particularly those related to north and east of Syria, we have seen from his speech that he is ready to engage in a real negotiation process in order to face the dangers and threats that want to divide Syria and cut off parts of it for the benefit of Turkish fascist mercenaries.
These moments, Syria is subjected to largest process of abuse and its people are subjected to various kinds of oppression and destruction.
  Therefore, the SDC, once again, as the largest coalition framework for the democratic opposition powers in Syria, declares its open-mindedness to form a real Syrian opposition platform that includes those outside the SDC, inside or outside Syria, who were excluded in Geneva and Astana operations or were absent from the so-called Constitutional Committee and all those who have declared that they are interested in solution of the Syrian crisis to begin negotiations with Syrian government without pre-conditions according to national steadfasts agreed by all Syrians: unity of Syria and safety of its soil .
  We also ensure that our position about the issue of negotiation with the government in Damascus is not born of the moment but has been steadfast since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. If Damascus reacts positively to our position, we will respect that and consider it as a necessary step for our people to resist and their readiness to liberate every inch of our land.
  We consider the military understanding that took place between the SDF and the Syrian army, under the patronage of Moscow, as the beginning of building confidence procedures that we need to complete liberation of our land from Turkish occupation to liberation of resistant Afrin. On this occasion we salute the martyrs of the Syrian army, whose blood was spilled in north of Syria with blood of the martyrs of SDF, including Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Syriacs. In accordance with our principles, our willingness to negotiate would invalidate every misconception and misleading which say that self-administration is a division or an attempt to secede. Indeed, SDF represent the will of citizens of the components of Syria in north and east of it .The self-administration embodies the realization of its components of Syria as their homeland which is a milestone in their achievement of belonging to one country in which we live in dignity and peace. So, we declare our desire for Arab or international sponsorship of negotiating process as soon as it occurs, along with any other party that declares its readiness to do so.

November 2, 2019

The Syrian Democratic Council