The Syrian Democratic Council

A congratulation on the occasion of the Yazidi New Year


On the occasion of the Yazidi New Year “The Red Wednesday”/The first Wednesday of April, according to the Eastern calendar, we send our heartfelt congratulations to all Yazidi sisters, brothers and the general Yazidi community in the Autonomous Administration regions that are considered as a place for the coexistence of components and their cohesion, and to all Yazidis in the world, wishing them a blessed and happy New Year.
The Yazidis form an ancient society that represents a history and another aspect of the diverse Kurdish and Syrian identity, and it has faced many pains, tragedies and disasters throughout history in which the last of them was three years ago in the Afrin region by the extremist terrorist factions affiliated to Turkey that occupies the region, and it was preceded by the crimes of the terrorist organization ISIS in Sinjar that is in the Kurdish region in Iraq.
Preserving the identity of the Yazidi community is an enrichment of the inclusive Syrian national identity, which begins with the restoration of rights and life for the Yazidi community in occupied Afrin and the rest of the areas that witnessed systematic ethnic cleansings operations.
We hope that this occasion, which symbolizes renewal and prosperity, will be the beginning of the receding of all troubles, from the Corona epidemic to ending of the Syrian crisis and the suffering of the Syrian people and achieving their aspirations for a decentralized, democratic, pluralistic Syria.

April 14, 2021
The Syrian Democratic Council