The Syrian Democratic Council

The follow-up committee reviews the overall progress achieved so far.

Yesterday, the seventh meeting of the follow-up committee which was emanated from “the National Conference of the People of Al- Jazeera and Euphrates” was held, and it reviewed the outcomes of the conference achieved so far.
The meeting was attended by the majority of the committee members, in the presence of the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, and Abdul Hamid Al-Mahbash, co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in north and east Syria.
The meeting began by talking about the political developments in the region and the recent Turkish escalation against the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and its violation of ceasefire agreements with international parties.
The meeting members continued their work by reading and reviewing the reports of the administrative, economic and security committees and also by evaluating the workflow of the committee and the actual implementation of the conference outcomes.
The meeting members saw that the committee contributed in the development of the Autonomous Administration and correcting the work of the institutions by following up their works and the continuous evaluating for the institutions’ response to the development path.
The meeting members also discussed the workflow of the drafting committee of “The Social Contract”, which includes approximately 150 people from all political and social components and formations, and from all groups in the region.
The meeting members touched on the economic situation, the siege in the region and how to improve the quality of services, support vital sectors and encourage the investment.
The co-chair of the Executive Council, Abdul Hamid Al-Mahbash, spoke about the work of the Autonomous Administration and reviewed the decisions and laws issued by the administration or those under study and the projects that are implemented by it, considering the committee is the compass that guides the administration, works to avoid mistakes and meets the demands of the people in a way that achieves a sustainable community development.
The committee members stressed the need to move forward with a work to implement all the decisions of the Conference of people of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates, during the specified period, to develop the Autonomous Administration and expand the community participation.