The Syrian Democratic Council

The third Stockholm consultative meeting ends towards hoped-for conference

On Sunday, May 15th, the third Stockholm consultative meeting ended its work, with a statement and a draft preparing for the conference of Syrian Democratic Opposition Forces and Personages, which was attended by 35 delegates and representatives of Syrian Democratic Opposition Personages and Forces in the Swedish capital Stockholm.
The meeting included leaders by the SDC, representatives of the American, Swiss and Italian foreign affairs, as well as the management of the Olof Palme International Center and a number of personages from different interior regions of Syria via the zoom application.

Today’s meeting began with a presentation of a research study presented by one of the attendees with experience and competence in constitutions, laws and forms of government of the most important world regimes, applicating them on the Syrian situation, where he explained that decentralization exists in the Syrian history.

The researcher also presented global models of decentralized, federal and unilateral experiences and pointed out that the best models that we should follow are the experiences of South Africa and Spain as they emerged from a civil war, so their experience is one of five models of national identity and the closest solution to Syria regarding the constitutional level.

The last session was a Round Table that dealt with the questions which are; what do we want to achieve in the conference of Democratic Forces and personages? what is the expected outcome at the following aspects; the general framework, the organizational structure, mechanisms of its work and organization? as the Stockholm path aims to create the best conditions and introductions needed for the process of uniting the forces and opposition personages, in which a large part of Syrians was deprived of representation in the political process.

In conclusion, the discussions deepened and many proposals were put forward by the participants, and also their desire to make the Syrian file within matters of the list of international attention to achieve the greatest participation and effectiveness of Syrians and to come up with the optimal solution for the Syrian crisis.