The Syrian Democratic Council

A declaration of the third Stockholm consultative meeting

At the invitation of the Preparatory Committee of the conference of Democratic Forces and personages, a consultative meeting was held in preparation for the hoped-for conference, in cooperation with Olof Palme International Center, on the 14th and 15th of May, 2022 in the capital of the Swedish Kingdom, Stockholm, in the presence of a number of committee members and Syrian democratic personages where some of them represent forces and parties in addition to businessmen and personages from the civil society. The attendees discussed the themes that were put forward by the Preparatory Committee which shed light on:

1- The current situation in all Syrian territories, and focusing on the concept of early recovery.
2- The role of the private sector and national capital in the political solution.
3- Decentralization as a start to preserve the unifying of territories in Syria.
4- The problem of identity in Syria and the Syrian National option, which concluded:

• It is time for Syrians to live in a new era; an era of peace, freedom, modernity and prosperity, and don’t live in the times of competing identities and don’t wait wars and their possibilities; to have one identity that they agree with, and do not deny others, capable of bringing them together in one national base, without giving up their other sub-identities, whether national, ethnic, religious or sectarian identities.

• The true Syrian identity is based on the affirmation of the recognition of the full rights of local identities.

• There is no strong identity like the Syrian identity that can bring Syrians together, end their division, turn their diversity into a blessing, and the uniqueness of their country’s position into an advantage, and thwart the ambitions of others.

• This identity will effectively make Syria a final homeland for its citizens within its borders that were recognized internationally since its independence, uniting the people, territories and sovereignty. This Syria should return to the name it was baptized on the day it was founded.

• The Free and equal citizenship is the essence of this identity, with the rights of the components recognized by international laws, international legislation, human rights regulations, the sovereignty of the people and modernity as the basis for building the future of Syria on the basis of a modern constitution of a democratic and decentralized state to which all agree.

• Calling on Syrians in all their races and the diverse sects to promote this identity, commit to it and turn it into a unified form for them, and activate their creative energies and their next political movement. The need for a new Social Contract that expresses the specificity of Syrian society in its diverse spectrums and the need to identify possible paths that would help to create a real social contract that unites Syrians regarding a national program.

The following matters were also agreed:

1- The need to start community dialogues to strengthen fragile community relations, overcome the conflict and initiate a local dialogue.
2- Organizing same meetings in the interior regions in Syria in the presence of personages from various Syrian regions.
3- Expand the base of dialogues to come up with common understandings.

Stockholm, Kingdom of Sweden
On May 15th, 2022