The Syrian Democratic Council

The Democratic Syria Center organizes a lecture on “The Affiliation of Kurds to Syria” in Austria

On Sunday, May 15th, the Syrian Democratic Council organized a lecture entitled “The Affiliation of Kurds to Syria” at its center in Vienna, the Austrian capital, where it was delivered by the writer Alan Pirray.
The lecture was attended by a group of the Syrian community in Austria from various spectrums of the cultural diversity in Syrian society.
The lecture began with a welcoming speech by the representative of the SDC in Austria and a member of the Relations Bureau, Salah farhou, where he reviewed the foundations of the national work in the Kurdish political concept in Syria.
In the first theme of the lecture, the lecture dealt with a brief historical review of the concept of the affiliation to Syria since the establishment of the modern Syrian state, and then it was developed and became the term “Kurds of Syria”. The second theme entitled “The criticism of the term of the affiliation to Syria”, in which the lecturer explained the difference between the term criticism in the research context and in the context of political work, and touched on many models of democracy as a regime of government and any of them can fit the Syrian society with its current complexities.
The third theme entitled “individualism against the affiliation to Syria” where Pirray touched on the possibility of consensus between individual identities and mono society.
There were many comments and questions on the lecture by the attendees where they enriched and deepened the discussion.