The Syrian Democratic Council

The Syrian crisis, the settlement process, governance and administration issues were in the speech of the General Coordinator of the Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria

The General Coordinator of the Revolutionary Left Movement, Dr. Ghayath Naaisa, explained in lengthy talks with the SDC media office about their position on the events and developments taking place in the country and the challenges facing the democratic powers on the path of a comprehensive resolution for the Syrian issue.

The following highlights of it are:

* Turkish expansionist goals in Syria

The Turkey’s policy has two motives since the beginning of the crisis, the first one is to be a key actor on the Syrian situation to determine the future of Syria, and it has sought to achieve it through several tools by control on political forms of the Syrian opposition, such as the coalition and others, as well as through its military campaigns (military intervention and occupation of territories), in addition to increasing its influence inside Syria and determining its future, and for other goals. I think, in my opinion, its goal is to seize more Syrian territory as Syria is experiencing a crisis, and Turkey is trying to occupy more Syrian territories in order to include them to its borders one day.

* Turkey is hostile to the Kurdish presence

The Turkish state is suffering from a chronic and old disease, and I believe that it will be fatal to it one day, namely, its deep hatred for the right of the Kurdish people on self-determination and to have a role in the events in the region.
These motives explain the extreme violence of the Turkish state, its insistence to intervene despite the protests and the internal and external rejection of its actions in Syria, as Turkey has a real obsession towards the Kurdish people

* The positions of the political powers in Syria regarding the Turkish threats

The positions of the Syrian political powers that are mainly dependent on regional countries (Turkey and Qatar), and therefore they do not express the position of the Syrian people and their interests, but they serve Turkish interests only. There are also positions of Syrian national democratic powers that condemn these attacks and stand against them clearly and firmly, and consider them a threat to the integrity of the Syrian territory on the one hand and to the sovereignty of the Syrian people, even if this sovereignty is experiencing a catastrophic situation, on the other hand, as well as they are as a threat to the future of Syria, the future of reconstruction and the democratic regime in Syria.

* The path of the Syrian Democratic Council to resolve the Syrian crisis

The Syrian Democratic Council has held a group of intra-Syrian dialogues to ensure these dialogues to be inclusive, representative and expressive of all Syrians’ concerns wherever they are, and give an opportunity for paths leading to resolve the Syrian crisis
On the Stockholm path, in which the SDC participated with national democratic powers, it was an activation of this path (the path of uniting the Democratic Opposition) again with other mechanisms and approaches, and not an alternative resolution to everything, but a motivational path. The necessary need for Syrians is how to unite the Syrian democratic powers, knowing that they organized tens and hundreds of conferences, under the slogan of uniting the Syrian Opposition and failed, so we have to be precise and careful to make this project succeed, because if it fails, it will be a throwback to more despair and frustration for Syrians. Democrat Syrians existing in regime areas and in northeastern Syria areas, some of them are in northwestern Syria areas and a lot of them are abroad. so if we can learn conclusions from previous experiences and succeed in the Stockholm path, by unifying a path for the Syrian opposition powers whose program represents the interests of all Syrians everywhere, for a better decentralized democratic future for Syria.

* The “SDC” represents the main base of the Democratic Powers in Syria

In fact, we should not forget that the main base of the Syrian Democratic Powers and the most important alliance in Syria today is the Syrian Democratic Council, despite some shortcomings that we also criticize, but it is the main base of the Syrian Democratic Movement, and we must rely on it in this regard. since the beginning of the formation of the Syrian Democratic Council, there have been many major transitions in the Syrian political, economic and social situation, there have become important changes in the regional and international situation, so there is an experience and necessity in developing and setting the Syrian Democratic Council an organizational and strategic methods that match reality and the new proposal challenges.

* Decentralization is the best form of governance that suits the Syrian situation

In terms of the Syrian reality, we are making our history during conditions imposed on us, and we did not choose them. The Syrian territories are divided. the areas of northwestern Syria where al-Nusra Front is present and imposes religion, laws and social behavior in the Turkish occupation areas, while the areas of the Syrian regime have their own security and repressive policies, also the Autonomous Administration areas in northern and eastern Syria have their own policies. in this scene, we have the fundamental question that can be answered and which is How we can once again recognize this common national unity. The Syrian Democratic Council, calling for the reunification of the country. Firstly, it can only be done by a form of decentralization, so we call for building a democratic regime whose best form is decentralization.
On the three formations located in these areas, what is available for the Syrians? Is there any party that can achieve the tasks for restoring the unity of the country and building a democratic regime?

* “Autonomous Administration is the only bright side in the Syrian scene”

During the conditions of siege and permanent war, the task of the revolutionaries becomes one of the most difficult tasks, and despite of that, the Autonomous Administration provided a unique model in the region, and it is the only bright side in the Syrian scene, and this does not mean there are no mistakes and negatives, but it is important to set mechanisms, and to have the courage to admit that we made a mistake, and to criticize ourselves because we made a mistake, and why we made a mistake. Maybe mistakes were made because of the war or lack of resources.
We need to pay attention to popular participation, people’s participation in the Autonomous Administration and to feel difficulties and contribute to resolve problems.
We have to mitigate the bureaucratic apparatus. Bad living conditions prompt that should be a contribution and an attempt by the Autonomous Administration to provide a good standard of living for the largest number of people and at the same time we should be wary of the increasing of the bureaucratic apparatus.
We are as a national base and a part of Syria and we take care of the concerns of all Syrians, so we are concerned for all Syrians wherever they are, regardless of their religion and ethnicity.
We are concerned about the suffering of Syrians in the areas of the regime, in the areas of the Turkish occupation and in the areas of the terrorist Al-Nusra Front, we are concerned about refugees and displaced people, therefore our speech should be obvious and it must be strengthened more.
We have to develop our relations with the powers of democratic liberation in the world, not only with governments, diplomats and others, but also with Democratic Powers such as unions, associations, the press and parliamentarians, whether they are governmental or opposition persons because those are our main allies and with their many experiences will form an essential support.
We have to give an opportunity for all Syrians existing, whether in regime areas or others, and if there is a crisis, we have to do our best in order to ease the burden of life on our brothers, sisters, people in those areas.
Syrian history didn’t present such an experience, we defeated enemies somewhere, and we won in the North and East of Syria. The Syrian people provided an experience that will remain in the history of Syria as a source of inspiration, and a source for building the future Syria.