The Syrian Democratic Council

A Meeting of Presidencies of Unions with Women’s Bureau of the SDC in Raqqa

On Monday, within the framework of political empowerment, the women’s joint presidencies of the civil society organizations’ unions met on with the Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council in the meeting room at the council’s headquarters in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

During the meeting, they talked about the most important political aspects, the role of women in the leadership and development of society, all aspects of life, and the role assigned to the Syrian Democratic Council to do in the next stage.
“The Syrian Democratic Council is considered as a Syrian democratic national framework consisting of community and political powers and independent figures who believe in its vision” Thubiya Al-Nasser, the administrator of the Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, said.

“The council has taken upon itself to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people in change, comprehensive democratic transition, gender equality and justice, and ensuring women’s rights” Regarding the council’s vision and objectives, Al-Nasser added.

For her part, Amal Dada, the Chairwoman of the Relations Bureau at the Syrian Democratic Council, spoke about representations abroad and that most of their cadres are women who have proven their worth and abilities by political work, and there are still contacts and networking relations to establish a larger number of representations, especially in Arab countries.

In turn, Mayada Al-Sheikh, the Co-chairwoman of the teachers’ union in Raqqa, at the end of the meeting, she spoke about the media office of the Syrian Democratic Council. “Today, we attended a meeting of the Women’s Bureau of the SDC with the unions to introduce their work and find methods of cooperation, coordination and the need for communication” Mayada Al-Sheikh said.

“We worked in the union to organize the women’s work and support them, so during the meeting, several proposals were issued for joint seminars and workshops aimed at empowering women and supporting them in society until they reach their full rights” Al-Sheikh continued.