The Syrian Democratic Council

Condolence Telegram

With deep sorrow, we received the news of the passing of Engineer Layla Mustafa, the former Co-chair of the Raqqa Civil Council, who contributed tirelessly to the reconstruction of Raqqa after the alleged fall of the capital of the ISIS caliphate.

Due to her passing, Raqqa and Syria lost a woman who proved her worth in administration and construction, taking on the responsibility of revival and leadership at a crucial turning point in the city and the region’s history, occupying the first position in its most challenging phase.

The impact of Engineer Layla Mustafa’s leadership extended beyond the reconstruction of Raqqa and reached beyond the region. She was honored with the “Mayor of the World” award in 2021, recognizing her efforts in empowering women after the dark era of the terrorist group (ISIS).

On this painful occasion, we extend our condolences to the family of the deceased, her relatives, and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). We offer our prayers to the Almighty to grant her a mercy.

On November 26th, 2023
Syrian Democratic Council

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