The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement About Formation of the Committee of the Detained and Kidnapped Persons

It is imperative that silence should be broken, that the moment of truth and exercise of responsibility for the sake of the arrested, kidnapped and forcibly disappeared persons begin, at a time when half of the Syrians are refugees and displaced persons, hundreds of thousands of victims and missing persons, and the world is silent and does not act. This requires self-initiative, hard work, and responsible attitude to end political, humanitarian, social, and economic suffering, taking into account that any political solution begins with confidence-building procedures , foremost of which is releasing all detainees (excluding those who are prisoners of war and terrorism) the kidnapped persons, and revealing the fate of the missing and forcibly disappeared people. Starting with this file, is the beginning of the way to end the suffering of the Syrian people and fulfilling their demands for freedom, democracy and justice, in order to stop the rivers of blood and pain.
In detention centers that are degrading human dignity, the detainees are subjected to numerous violations of human rights, including torture, starvation and deliberate neglect of health condition that sometimes lead to their death. No one can overlook kidnappings, arrests, establishment of special courts and field courts that do not conform to international standards for a fair and transparent trial .
We condemn and denounce all violations committed against Syrians, whoever commits these violations, and we point to prevalence of feelings of despair, frustration and oppression among Syrians, lossing of hope for the future, clogging of salvation methods, and difficulties in searching for an appropriate strategy for a safe and democratic Syria for all its people away from culture of hatred and violence.
We in the Syrian Democratic Council – call on the parties involved in the conflict in Syria to abide by international human rights law and all relevant international laws and treaties – these parties are responsible for physical and psychological safety of people whom they detain, we demand them ( the parties) to release all detainees and abductees, to reveal the fate of missing and forcibly disappeared persons, to grant the ICRC access to detention centers, in addition to abolishing all exceptional courts, such as field courts, terrorism court, and legal bodies.
Considering the file of the detainees, the kidnapped, the missing and forcibly disappeared persons, is a humanitarian file, above negotiation, and it should not be used as an instrument of blackmail or bargaining from any party.
The Syrian Democratic Council looks forward to finding a solution to the Syrian crisis according to negotiating political path that leads to a sustainable democratic transition, guided by relevant international resolutions, foremost of which is resolution 2254, and this will not be achieved except with the participation of all political, social and civil powers to work on all files starting with the file of detainees. For this reason, the Syrian Democratic Council puts all potentials available to it and at all levels to work for releasing all detainees and abductees and to reveal the fate of the missing and forcibly disappeared persons.
In this regard, we announce the launch of
a working group of families of the kidnapped, the detainees, legal professionals and civil society activists, to follow up, cooperate, coordinate and communicate with all local, regional and international bodies, organizations and institutions to collect and define data related to the arrest file and to put the necessary plans to meet aspirations and hopes of Syrians in truth, justice and accountability.

The team members are:

Lawer Majdoulin Hassan
Lawer Luqman Ayana
Lawer Issa Ibrahim
Lawyer Al Montaser Taha
Mrs. Fadwa Mahmoud
Mr. Ayham Saqr
Mr. Gabriel Mustafa
Mr. Akid Farhan Ibrahim

On 4/4/2020
The Syrian Democratic Council