The Syrian Democratic Council

Ambassador Robak Sends a Congratulatory Message on Eid Al Fitr to the Syrian Democratic Council

The Deputy Special Envoy of the International Alliance, Ambassador William Robak, sent a message in which he congratulated the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Council on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

In his message, Ambassador Robak said that Eid is coming this year amid exceptional measures around the world due to outbreak of Corona epidemic, adding that despite the different aspects of celebrating Eid this year, he is confident that the joyous spirit of Eid will remain strong, and that peace and stability will be achieved for the people of Syria with all their components.

Ambassador Robak emphasized the continuation of friendship and partnership with the Syrian Democratic Council, where he said:
“While we receive the blessings of Eid Al-Fitr, we are inspired by the meanings and values ​​of friendship and sacrifice; we affirm our continuing friendship and cooperation together, we believe that by strengthening this partnership, we will overcome all difficulties and challenges and we will build a better future for all Syrians.”

The international coalition against ISIS launched in Summer of 2014, which includes more than 70 regional and international countries, and it achieved with the Syrian Democratic Forces during five years, the victory over the terrorist organization ISIS in Al-Baghuz (Deir Al-Zour countryside) in March last year, and they are fighting together its (ISIS) sleeping cells in North and East Syria.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
May 25, 2020