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Ilham Ahmed: The current formation of representatives of the Syrian people in international conferences will not produce results. We seek to crystallize a Syrian solution through dialogue without excluding anyone

In the presence of dozens of political, social, and cultural figures and sheikhs of Arab and Kurdish clans in Al-Hasakah; The Syrian Democratic Council holds the second symposium of dialogue in the city of Hasakeh, with two main axes, the first axis of which will discuss the Syrian-Syrian dialogue: dialogue with the opposition, dialogue with the regime, Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and their reflection on the political solution.
The president of the executive committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, said that the horizon for a political solution in Geneva or the constitutional committee is almost blocked due to absence of a real will for a solution and because of the conflict of interests of the countries overlapping in the Syrian file.

Dialogue with the Syrian government

At the beginning of her speech in the first axis of the dialogue seminar, “Ahmed” spoke about the meetings that the Syrian Democratic Council held with the Syrian government, which did not rise to the level of an agreement due to the positions of the authority in Damascus regarding internal dialogue and its usual approaches to the Kurdish issue that did not reflect the reality and the Syrian situation in general.
“Ahmed” mentioned to the attendees the number of meetings held by the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration with representatives of the Syrian government, some of which have reached the stage of forming specialized committees with the presence of a mediating party, which is the Russian Federation, but the Syrian government did not respond. On the contrary, we were surprised by exclusive and different statements of the Syrian president regarding The Syrian crisis, self-administration, the Kurdish issue and internal dialogue in general.
The president of the executive committee of SDC assured that the door to dialogue with the Syrian government would be kept open according to national agendas and far from exclusionary mentality, wrong approaches and unfair characterizations that have long described the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration.

Dialogue with the opposition

Within the path led by the Syrian Democratic Council to resolve the Syrian crisis, there are persistent efforts to communicate with the democratic opposition that is not dependent on Turkey or with those who serve non-national agendas.
In this context, “Ahmed” talked about the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Council to form a democratic platform that includes all parties of the Syrian opposition that believe in the Syrian – Syrian dialogue without exclusion.
“Ahmed” shed light on the forums and workshops that the Syrian Democratic Council held at home and abroad to build consensus and a common ground on which all the Syrian forces and formations meet, that leads to the Conference of Democratic Forces, in which SDC reached with the democratic opposition to advanced stages, but Corona pandemic postponed its convening, but we are proceeding in this path, according to “Ahmed”.
In the course of negotiations between the Syrian government and the internationally recognized opposition, “Ahmed” said that the nature of the structure of the Syrian negotiating body formed by the Syrian opposition lacks real representation, and the results will remain sterile and will not lead to any solution. The negotiating body should be reconsidered to get out of the Syrian crisis.

Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue

The dialogue between the Kurdish parties in Syria caused a lot of confusion and was deliberate by the parties popularizing the separation project, such as the Turkish state, which went as far as reaching the level of threatening the Kurdish Council in the event that it reached an agreement with the rest of the Kurdish parties in Syria.
The President of the Executive committee “Ilham Ahmed” noted that what was spread rumors about the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, aimed at distorting this path and showing it as a monopoly by the Kurds in the region for excluding the rest of the components, but the reality is completely different, and it is a dialogue (i.e. the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue) that complements the Syrian dialogues that aim to fill the gap and building national consensus in preparation for
upcoming entitlements.
She added that all the dialogues that have taken place and will be taken place are in order to get out of the state of ” mismatch” and to reach a real consensus on ending the Syrian crisis, achieving the aspirations of the Syrian people and building a new Syria on the basis of real citizenship and a collective identity.

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14 September 2020