The Syrian Democratic Council

Amina Omar: We Seek to Form an Inclusive National Situation Through the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue

Today, the third dialogue seminar was launched in the city of Manbij, as part of the series of seminars held by the Syrian Democratic Council in the regions of north and east Syria under the slogan “Towards a national conference for the people of al-Jazeera and al-Forat “, in the presence of dozens of political, social, cultural dignitaries as well as sheikhs and tribal leaders in Manbij region.

In the first axis dealing with the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, it included dialogue with the opposition, dialogue with the regime, Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and their reflection on the political solution; Amina Omar, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, spoke about the importance of dialogue for the Syrian situation, whose fate and decision have become dependent on international agreements and the countries interfering in the Syrian file.


SDC is going on the national track


The co-chair of SDC talked to the participants about the efforts made and being made by the Syrian Democratic Council to build a national situation that would be the nucleus of the new Syria, in which there is no place for exclusion and discrimination.

Omar mentioned the series of meetings and workshops that SDC held inside and outside the country with the Syrian forces and personalities who believe in a participatory solution and dialogue in resolving crises, especially the Syrian case, which has proven through a decade that there is no military solution in Syria and that exclusion is a culture that has proven its failure to reach a common national identity.


The priority is to build an inclusive Syrian identity


Regarding the aim of these seminars held and being held by the Syrian Democratic Council in the regions of north and east Syria, Omar said that the Syrian Democratic Council has a comprehensive vision for resolving the Syrian crisis and there is a clear strategy to reach it through participation of all Syrians, strengthening historical bond among Syrian components and rejecting the discrimination that the enemies of the Syrian people seek to spread and feed by stirring up discord and weaving conspiracies, as Turkey does.

In the same context, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council said that the Syrian government does not accept the other who disagrees with it, but rather continues to release descriptions it has always used to incite the Syrian public opinion and classify the Syrians according to approaches far from patriotism that we seek.

She added that they seek, through dialogue with the Syrian components, to build an inclusive national identity and correct the state of exclusion of the components of the Syrian people, and that this seminar and subsequent ones are only the first step in this direction.


Deliberate distortion of the Kurdish – Kurdish dialogue


The Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, according to the co-chair of SDC, was subjected to a lot of confusion and distortion intended to thwart it and incite the rest of the components and to show it as a “monopoly of the Kurds” in the region. This is an evidence of the importance of this dialogue in the course of the political process and the dialogue of the Syrians to solve the country’s crisis without being dependent on the forces that reject the Syrian solution.

Omar added that things must be put in their proper context. The Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue seek neither “quotas” nor exclusion of the Syrian components in regions with a Kurdish majority. Rather, it is a dialogue that complements the path led by SDC to build a national identity and consolidate the values of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples.

The co-chair, Amina Omar, concluded her speech by shedding light on the memorandum of understanding signed by SDC with the Popular Will Party in the Russian capital, Moscow, and said that this memorandum is the fruit of meetings and consultations, and that they are open-minded to similar steps with all the Syrian parties that we intersect with in protecting our country, Syria, and the future of its  people.