The Syrian Democratic Council

Participants of Raqqa symposium: Autonomous administration, despite its shortcomings, is a gateway to salvation for the country’s crisis

Today, in the city of Raqqa, the fifth seminar in the series of seminars held by the Syrian Democratic Council with societal, political, cultural and tribal leaders in the province of Raqqa and its countryside was held under the slogan: “Towards a national conference for the people of AlJazeera and AlForat”
In the first axis that dealt with the Syrian – Syrian dialogue file; The participants discussed this issue in detail and enriched the axis with their opinions and suggestions.
They stressed the need to work and converge, starting with the common that brings Syrians together in their various formations and frameworks, and to move towards a political solution that extricates the country from the state of fragmentation that it has been suffering from for a decade, during which Syrians have paid a lot of tears and blood.
On the dialogue with the Syrian government, the participants expressed the usefulness of dialogue with a party that rejects the other who is different, and this was a major reason for the devastation, migration and displacement of the situation in the country.
As for the second part of the axis and dialogue with the opposition, The participants called for dialogue with the opposition, which was not dependent on foreign agendas and was not a party to killing or immigration and displacement of Syrians from their homes.
They stressed the need for opposition formations to converge and agree on a unified vision and programs, and here they praised the role of the Syrian Democratic Council in the meetings and understandings it holds with the democratic opposition at home and abroad.
The participants supported the idea of making the regions of north and east Syria a center of national attraction for the democratic opposition, in order to unite their forces and build inclusive consensus paving the way for a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis.
the Kurdish-Kurish dialogue was not absent from the discussions, as many participants raised questions about how the dialogue process proceeds between Kurdish parties.
The file of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue was surrounded by a lot of confusion and distortion, but the organizers of the seminar shed light on the goals and course of the Kurdish dialogue and indicated that the Kurdish dialogue is complementary to the general Syrian dialogue.
The second axis dealt with the historical relations between the peoples of the region and their role in building self-administration – the mechanism for developing participation and institutional work in self-administration, where criticism was directed at aspects of deficiencies in self-administration.
The services, education, and security aspect of the administration has received a lot of criticism and observations, but according to the participants, this does not mean to under-estimate the importance of the Autonomous Administration in the regions of north and east Syria, and it is an exceptional and unique case that requires development and broadening the base of participation in it.
On the other hand, the participants considered the Autonomous Administration as a gateway to salvation for the Syrian situation, as the Autonomous Administration expresses the state of pluralism in the Syrian society and represents its components without exclusion.
This symposium comes within a series of seminars held by the SDC in the regions of north and east Syria to promote participation and consolidate the state of coexistence between the people of north and east Syria and come up with proposals and recommendations that will be presented later in the conference of the people of AlJazeera and AlForat which will be held after the completion of the symposiums held by SDC respectively.