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Ilham Ahmed: We Seek to Make the Self- Administration an Effective Experiment And a Model to Be Followed in Syria

“It is a mistake to claim that all political and social activities and formations in north and east regions of Syria participate in the Self- Administration, at a time when we seek to involve them and expand the administration to include everyone and be a model for the new Syria.” Thus, “Ilham Ahmed”, the president of the executive committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, opened her speech at the fifth seminar, held by SDC in north and east regions of the country.
“Ahmed” stated that the reason for the Syrian Democratic Council’s intention to hold dialogue seminars in the regions of north and east Syria; is to give space for events that have not yet participated, to express their opinion, direct criticism to the administration’s performance, submit proposals and recommendations in order to develop them, as well as supplement the Syrian-Syrian dialogue path with opinions and proposals that would contribute to crystallizing the political process in the country.

The Self-Administration is an objective necessity

Abed Hamed Al-Mahbash, the co-chair of the Executive Council in the Self- Administration, spoke about the objective reasons that prompted the people of north and east Syria to organize themselves and manage their affairs, as he attributed this to the withdrawal of the regime’s authorities from the regions of north and east Syria and their evacuation in order to preserve the authority of the center, that followed a state of discrimination for the regions of north and east Syria.
The Self-Administration is a societal and necessary need and an advanced model in the Syrian case, adding that despite this, we seek to develop the administration and involve those outside it so far.
He added that there are local parties such as the Syrian government and regional bodies such as the Turkish state and Iran, and the Syrian opposition parties that are affiliated with Turkey, seeking to destabilize and spread discord among the components of the region in order to weaken the administration and distorting it by inciting the Syrian public opinion. But according to Al-Mahbash, the Self-Administration, in spite of shortcomings remains the best model of administration on the Syrian geography so far
Serious steps to develop the Self-Administration

The participants presented the fifth symposium in Raqqa, as they did in the rest of the previous seminars; lot of criticism about the performance of the administration and its institutions in north and east Syria, both in terms of service and providing facilities to citizens, and this aspect received a lot of interventions by the participants, as well as the educational aspect and teaching curricula adopted by the Self- Administration, received notes and criticism on its content and its observance of the composition of society and also in the security aspect and the rights of individuals in the administrative areas.
For his part, the Vice President of the Executive Committee of SDC “Hikmat Habib” stressed the importance of these observations and recommendations that will enrich the administration, provide it with expertise and contribute to the participation of technocrats in the Administration structure and its institutions.
Habib added that the Self- Administration is not an ideal situation, and the surrounding circumstances together contribute to the delay of its progress and development, in addition to the huge amount of deliberate distortion by media institutions linked to the parties that seek to thwart the administration and bring it down. He indicated that there are activities and personalities who adopt gray attitudes towards the administration as a result of their insufficient knowledge of the functioning of its work and the difficulties it faces, adding that these seminars aim to address everyone in order to involve them at the political and administrative level.

Corruption and transparency in the Administration

The participants’ interventions focused on cases of corruption in the Self- Administration and its institutions, which limits prosperity and actual development in society and obstruct the wheel of construction, which is considered the most important part of the emerging administration.
In his response and clarification to the opinions of the participants on the co-chair of the Executive Council in the Self- Administration, “Abed Hamed Al-Mahbash,” he said: “There is no doubt that the administration is working, through strict oversight agencies, to eliminate all forms of corruption and to hold accountable“ climbers ”and opportunists”.
Adding that the process of eliminating corruption and the corrupt people will continue, and there will be no complacency in dealing with everyone who seeks to waste public money and misuse of responsibility.
Regarding the sources of the self- Administration, Al-Mahbash mentioned in numbers the administration’s expenditures on service projects and restoration of crumbling infrastructure in the regions of north and east Syria, and that the budget of the Self- Administration was presented to the media and it was not hidden from anyone, the source of the administration’s funding and revenues.

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