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After SDC proposal, the Self- Administration takes out the first batch of Al-Hol camp

Today, the Self- Administration of North and East Syria took the initiative to take out the first batch of Syrian women and children from Al-Hol camp, who have not been proven involved in hostilities and crimes against Syrians, after a proposal made by the Syrian Democratic Council in this regard.
Ilham Ahmed, the president of the executive committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, said on October 3, during a dialogue seminar in the city of Raqqa, that SDC suggested that the Self- Administration has to work to remove Syrian women and children from Al-Hol camp after settling their situation and ensuring a safe return to their original places of residence.
In this regard, Sheikmos Ahmed, the president of the Office of Displaced Persons and Refugees in the Self-Administration, said that they are following the file of the displaced Syrians within Al-Hol camp and that they are working to take out all Syrians from the camp after carefully studying their files, adding that they hope to solve this file permanently and get everyone out, but according to ” Sheikhmous Ahmed “ this requires the cooperation of operating international institutions and actors in order to rehabilitate and integrate them into society.
In this context, Amjad Othman, the official spokesman of the SDC said during an interview with him on Al-Hadath TV: The challenge that Al-Hol camp poses is not only to northern and eastern regions of Syria, but it is also a real challenge for the whole region, and this must be addressed with the cooperation of international parties and the international coalition to fight and defeat ISIS.
Today’s batch included exiting of 73 families (289 people), most of them from Al-Sha`fa and Al-Baghouz areas of Deir Ezzor countryside, where the camp administration ensures to deliver them to the elders of the tribes in those areas.
Commenting on the refusal of some families to leave the camp, the official in charge of the Office of Displaced Persons and Refugees in the Self- Administration said that they are committed to international standards in accordance with international treaties and agreements on the displaced persons and refugees, and they will not force anyone to leave forcibly, but only those who wish to leave.
Al-Hol camp, which is located to the east of Al-Hasakah, includes about / 65 / thousand displaced Syrians, Iraqi refugees, and some families of the terrorist organization “ISIS”, after the liberation of Al-Baghouz, the last stronghold of the organization geographically.

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