The Syrian Democratic Council

The Swedish Foreign Ministry delegation discusses with the “SDC” the efforts of the political settlement in Syria

Today, a delegation from the Swedish Foreign Ministry, which is visiting the regions of north and east Syria, met with the Syria Democratic Council, to discuss efforts for a political solution and ending the Syrian crisis.
The Swedish Foreign Ministry delegation was headed by the special envoy for the Syrian file in the Swedish Foreign Ministry “Peir Ornius” and the humanitarian file and aid official in the Foreign Ministry “Thomas Marcus” in addition to the advisor at the European Institute for Peace “Aveen Jettin”.The delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council included the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, the president of the Executive Committee, Ilham Ahmed, the co-chair of the Public Relations Office, Jihad Omar, and the member of the Relations Office, Ali Rahmoun.
The two parties discussed ways to solve the Syrian crisis and efforts to bring about a political settlement in the country, as the Swedish Foreign Ministry called for the need to achieve a political solution in the country, with the participation of all Syrian parties without excluding anyone.
The Swedish Foreign Ministry delegation stressed the need to involve the Syrian Democratic Council and Autonomous Administration in the political process, as according to the Swedish Foreign Ministry, it is important to include the representatives of north and east Syria, as this administration is an advanced model and project and represents all components of the region.
The two parties also discussed the humanitarian file and the arrival of humanitarian aid, as the delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council reviewed the impact of the closure of Yaroubia crossing “Tal Kojer” on humanitarian efforts and aiding IDPs and refugees, especially in light of spreading of Corona pandemic.
The Syrian Democratic Council also conveyed the image of the situation in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries in Afrin, Sri Kaniye / Ras al-Ain / Tal Abyad, and the violations that are committed daily on systematic basis.
On the other hand, the Swedish Foreign Ministry delegation affirmed the continuation of support for the regions of north and east Syria, both on the humanitarian side and contributing to the delivery of humanitarian aid, as well as supporting the dialogues that take place in the Autonomous Administration regions in order to resolve the Syrian crisis and building national consensuses.
At the end of the meeting, the Syrian Democratic Council expressed its thanks to the positions of Kingdom of Sweden and the Foreign Minister Mrs. “Anne Linde” rejecting the Turkish occupation and their support for the regions of north and east Syria.