The Syrian Democratic Council

The co-chair of SDC to the participants in ninth symposium : the indicator of our compass is heading towards achieving the aspirations of the Syrian people for freedom and the desired change

Within the activities of the dialogue seminars held by the Syrian Democratic Council( SDC) in the cities and towns of north and east Syria under the title “Towards a National Conference for the People of al-Jazeera and al-Forat”, Today SDC holds the ninth dialogue symposium in Derek ( far north-east of Syria) in the presence of political, societal, cultural, clan and tribal leaders in the region.
After, Janda Muhammad, the member of the presidential council, gave an opening speech in which she welcomed the attendees and participants and presented the themes and the course of the symposium, referring to the purpose of SDC for holding these seminars along the geography of north and east Syria in order to collect recommendations and opinions of the residents of north and east Syria regarding political developments and the path of Syrian dialogue. In addition to an axis devoted to evaluating the Autonomous Administration, the performance of its institutions and listening to different views in order to develop the Autonomous Administration and expand the circle of participation in it.
During her participation and her speech to the attendees and participants, “Amina Omar”, the co-chair of SDC, said that they have spared no effort to end the suffering of the Syrian people and to achieve their aspirations for freedom and the desired change towards a democratic Syria that includes all its components and excludes no one.

Where did the efforts to settle the Syrian crisis arrive?

In this regard, the co-chair said that the horizon in front of finding a comprehensive and final solution to the Syrian crisis remains blocked. Most of the reasons are due to confiscation of the Syrian decision and the absence of an international consensus regarding resolving the crisis and securing contradictory interests, and thus the crisis in the country is likely to exacerbate and deepen the suffering of Syrians after ten years of war and destruction that have exhausted the country and the capabilities of its people.
Omar added : for them, the path to resolving the Syrian crisis is clear, and that an indicator of their compass is directed towards achieving the aspirations of the Syrian people for democracy, equality and justice, saying that SDC has a clear strategy and roadmap that leads to resolving the Syrian crisis and achieving the true state of citizenship according to a democratic constitution that strengthens and consolidates the common national identity.

Starting from national consensuses

Omar stressed the importance of building consensuses that pave the way for an inclusive national situation and establish the stage of unifying Syrian democratic forces, and this is what SDC seeks to implement on the ground through numerous meetings with forces and personalities from democratic opposition inside and outside the country.
She shed light on a series of dialogue forums at home and consensus on an inclusive vision, in addition to dialogue workshops held by the Syrian Democratic Forces in Europe with activists and personalities from the Syrian opposition Council. As a result, SDC is in the process of preparing for a national conference of democratic opposition forces that believe in Syrian dialogue to solve the country’s crisis.
On the other hand, “Omar” said that the Syrian Democratic Council, believing in the importance of the Syrians’ dialogue with each other, held meetings and understandings with the platforms and parties of the Syrian opposition, in order to form a platform through which the Syrians would begin to restore their decision and will and thus representing the aspirations of the Syrian people and rejecting policies aimed at dismantling its fabric, the solidarity of its people and building a new Syria unified by land and people.
Regarding the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, Omar said that it is a step in the right direction and is a completed part of the path of national dialogue among Syrians, and its success means achievement at the Syrian national level.