The Syrian Democratic Council

“Russian forces” deployed in eastern Syria raise controversy after announcing efforts to prevent human rights violations by Turkey and its factions

Yesterday, Saturday, the Russian forces deployed in north and east Syria delivered a letter to the local council in the town of Tal Tamr (rural Hasakeh), in response to a letter sent by civil institutions in the town of Tal Tamr and social personalities on October 13, in which they demanded action to prevent the Turkish state and its mercenary factions that target the town and threaten peace and security in it.
The letter, which caused widespread controversy, and sent by the Russian forces to the local council in Tal Tamr stated that:
“The armed forces of the Russian Federation are the guarantor of peace in your region and continue the policy of containment, preventing human rights violations in the occupied territories and stopping the aggression of the Turkish armed forces.”
It added that their “leadership” continues to send protest notes regarding cases of violation, the cessation of hostilities and all illegal cases against “the Kurdish people” by the pro-Turkey formations as well as the Turkish Armed Forces.
The message of the “Eastern Group Command” in the Russian armed forces indicated that the Russian delegation to the Security Council proposed the liberation of the occupied Syrian lands, in which the Kurds constitute the majority of the population.
And that the representatives of the Russian Federation in Syria support the unity of the country and the equality of the people living in Syria, and that they are working to curb ethnic conflicts in the region, as they say.
What the message also mentioned is the desire of the Russian forces to receive better treatment while carrying out their patrols, as it says: “We remind you of low level of goodwill of the Kurdish population towards the Russian Federation army, who when carrying out peacekeeping missions, face unwillingness of local population to see our units on their lands. This does not contribute to strengthening of existing friendly relations. ”
And that the “American patrols” are treated differently by local population, they are welcomed and in a larger and closer manner, which (Americans) only need “your oil”, according to the description of the message of the Russian forces.
The letter concluded with the desire of the Russian forces in north and east Syria to receive more cooperation:
“We hope for more fruitful cooperation with the aim of liberating the occupied lands and establishing peace, law and order throughout the Syrian state.”
It is noteworthy in the letter that it was not ended with any signature or official stamp indicating the party that sent the letter, according to the correspondences and protocols conducted by any official institution or party. It only mentioned (the leadership of “East” group of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria). The Russian Reconciliation Center at Hememim base has not made any confirmation yet about what is contained in this letter.