The Syrian Democratic Council

A lecture on tyranny is presented by SDC on the second day of cultural week in Raqqa

On Sunday, today, the Syrian Democratic Council presented a lecture on tyranny in which he explained the meaning of the tyranny term and its impact on society and life, as part of the activities of the second day of the first cultural week in Raqqa.
The event was attended by dozens of people from Raqqa, artists and intellectuals from the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and official delegations from the Raqqa Civil Council represented by its common chairmanship, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the Future Syria Party.
The lecture reviewed the concept of tyranny, its monopoly on power, confiscation of citizens’ freedom, and the implementation of policies that only serve the ruling authority.
The lecture was presented by a member of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ali Rahmoun, in which he referred to the stages of the citizen’s submission to the authority of the tyrant and the methods that he uses to ensure his continued domination.
Rahmon shed light on the effects of tyranny that lead to retreat at all levels, disruption of energies and wasting them, suppressing of freedoms and consolidating the discrimination, in addition to fighting noble moral values and seeking to destroy them.

The program of the second day of the cultural week also included a presentation of several award-winning short films that shed light on the current human reality and its impact on society.

The activities of the first cultural week continue in Raqqa through various work programs, in which it will include plays and free-drawing workshops for children, in addition to organizing several lectures and seminars with different titles and slogans.