The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement to the public opinion

The Syrian people’s revolution is a march that will not stop

The Syrian pre-movement was a long time, it went through bitter events that began with the revolutionary movement of organizations, federations and professional unions at the end of the seventies, in which the Brotherhood’s fighting vanguard changed its path into weapons, blood, and revenge that allowed the regime to penetrate the society and turn it into a sectarian conflict that we have not got rid of its basis until nowadays, and it renewed at the people’s uprising in March 2011.
During thirty years, the revolutionary pre-movement and the call to freedom was growing and voices escalated, so the statements of the intellectuals, the most important of which was the statement of 99, and after that the statement of the thousand. The forums were established after the claims of liberation, Syrian perestroika, and the oath’s speech that the facts proved that it is incorrect passing by the committees of Civil Society, in which many sects of the Syrian society participated in and reached to the Damascus Spring that did not stop until it happened with the people’s uprising in Al- Qamishli and the Kurdish people’s revolution that was left as an orphan in 2004.
All of this was as harbingers of the second spring of 2011, and the march is still going on. Despite the counter-strength, the many setbacks, and the retreat from the higher goals of the revolution due to the poor performance of the opposition, and despite the engagement in the process of settlements and international and regional plots, but hope remains in the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, which has achieved a stability in large areas of Syria, and in the Syrian Democratic Forces that have eliminated the terrorist organization ISIS and are still pursuing Its remnants and sleeper cells, with the help of the international coalition forces, and the ongoing political efforts of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), and the trend of calling on democratic forces to join together in a unified form which all the components of the Syrian people be together to confront the illegitimacy of the regime and its forced elections, and support the continuation of the Syrian people’s revolution until they achieve its glorious goals for freedom, dignity, and the establishment of a decentralized democratic state that revives the lives of all Syrian components, with constitutional recognition that achieves true full citizenship for all.

March 15, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council