The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement for the public opinion

The current March 23 marks the second anniversary of the liberation of the town of Al-Baghouz, in Deir Ezzor, by the Syrian Democratic Forces, with the support of the international coalition led by the United States of America. The liberation of Al-Baghouz was considered the critical milestone in which the terrorist organization ISIS ended, geographically and in the field, after it was dealt the decisive blow to it as the most dangerous fascist organization known to mankind since the end of the Second World War until the current time.
We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council at a time when we congratulate the people of Syria, the region and the world on this liberation, which is a salvation for all peoples of the world from ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which have provided about 35 thousand martyrs, wounded and war wounded for their struggles for seven years and also it is still continuing, we affirm that despite this liberation and the previous victories, the danger of ISIS has not ended, and there are attempts to reorganize itself after Turkey and its mercenaries occupied the cities of Ras Al-Ain and Tal Abyad in October 2019 to its last continuous attempts for about four months to occupy Ain Issa through its ongoing violations and its commission of described war crimes through preventing water from reaching for the human use and using it against the general population of Syria and also Iraq.
We also point out the global and regional views that the people of Syria, who are in the Autonomous Administration areas of northern and eastern Syria, face great risks regarding the liberation operations that have left about 62 thousand ISIS fighters and members of their families who are of 58 regional and global nationalities existing at the moment in Al-Hol camp and other places.
So we call on the international community, the United Nations, the UN Security Council and all concerned organizations to assume their responsibilities either by their ISIS citizens receiving or by supporting the establishment of a terrorist court for them in the east of the Euphrates, and the need to provide an international support in order to continue fighting terrorism by developing projects to support stability and secure conditions for integration in local communities for families and individuals affected by the ideas of extremism and terrorism.
Finally, we affirm that ending ISIS permanently begins firstly by eliminating of its intellectual and financial support, and we know that it is clear for anyone that Erdogan’s Turkey has become the main supporter for various terrorist organizations by development of the mercenary behavior and using of all Syrian humanitarian files in order to strengthen its destructive projects that divide Syria, the region and the world.
We can only offer our sincere condolences to the families of our martyrs of the Syrian Democratic Forces and we insist ahead on ending ISIS and those associated with it until security and peace are established in Syria and its crisis is completely resolved.

March 23, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council