The Syrian Democratic Council

The Office of Relations meets with political parties and formations in SDC.

The Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council met with the components of “SDC” including political parties and blocs, in the city of Qamishli in the east of the country to discuss the methods of developing the office and to face the challenges of the stage especially after the expansion of SDC’s work at the diplomatic level.
The meeting was attended by all parties and political blocs affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Council, whether they are working in the regions of north and east Syria or in other Syrian regions.
The Relations Office participated during the meeting a plan that was prepared for discussion, in which it included the structure and functions of the office at the Syrian national level and the continuation of communication and dialogue with Syrian forces and personalities.
The plan also reviewed the tasks and objectives of the SDC representatives in Arab countries, European countries and America so it focused on the strategy of the Office of Relations during the current stage, and the bases through which the diplomacy of the Syrian Democratic Council operates.
The co-chair of the Relations Office, Hasan Muhammed Ali, said that the nature of the stage that Syria is going through and as a result of the expansion of the work of the Syrian Democratic Council inside and outside the country, it requires us to exert more efforts and involve political parties and formations in formulating effective plans and programs at all levels.
He continued, “It is hoped that the Syrian Democratic Council will lead the country to safety and achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people, and this is what we seek to achieve, whether through our dialogues with the Syrian democratic forces or with the countries that are active for the Syrian file.”
The meeting discussed the challenges facing the work of the Syrian Democratic Council at this stage and the role of the Relations Office in overcoming them, as the various parties and blocs participating in the meeting presented visions and suggestions will be added to the plan submitted by the Relations Office.
On the programs that SDC is seeking to achieve at the present time, Muhammad Ali pointed out that they are continuing the path of unifying the Syrian opposition, and there is a preparatory committee working to hold a conference of Syrian opposition forces and personalities, in addition to communicating with various Syrian formations and forces to establish comprehensive national consensus.
He said, “We are working to strengthen the internal front in Syria and communicate with Syrian communities outside of the Autonomous Administration areas, and on the other hand we seek to develop the relationship with different social classes such as clans, and also we confront and end strives.”
The co-chair of the Public Relations Office in SDC, Hasan Muhammed Ali, concluded that the office has many plans and programs, including in the short, medium and long terms, and that there is a communication with official and unofficial international political bodies, in addition to civil society organizations and other actors to achieve the interests of the Syrian people.