The Syrian Democratic Council

After hostile statements, a Syrian opponent movement suspends its dialogues with the coalition.

The opponent “Syria’s Tomorrow Movement” announced the suspension of all its activities and dialogues with the Syrian coalition because of the statements made by the head of the coalition, and his call for Turkey to occupy more Syrian territories.
A statement issued by the political bureau of “Syria’s Tomorrow Movement” described Hariri’s statements that they are “irresponsible” and that they serve agendas which do not care of the interests and aspirations of the Syrian people with all its components.
The statement condemned the coalition’s call for the Turkish army to intervene militarily, considering it a form of Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories, and contrary to “the aspirations of the Syrian people who seek to end all occupations on their territories.”
The head of the coalition, Nasr Al-Hariri, had sent a message to the Turkish president explicitly calling on him to intervene militarily and occupy more Syrian territories, in conjunction with the meeting that brought together US President, Joe Biden, with his Turkish counterpart in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on the sidelines of the NATO summit.
The statement of the Syrian opponent movement considered the statements and positions of the coalition as they are “serving the Syrian regime in implementing its agendas which do not want to find any political solution.”
The statement stated that accordingly, Syria’s Tomorrow Movement decided to “suspend all activities and dialogues that had begun with the coalition a while ago and for an indefinite period.”
The “Syria’s Tomorrow Movement” has established in November 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey, and it has called for restoring the goals of the revolution in establishing a civil, democratic, pluralistic state, standing against all projects of partition, and emphasizing the unity of the Syrian territories and people, and the Syrian identity, as a factor in the national belonging according to the founding statement.