The Syrian Democratic Council

The declarations of the “coalition” draw more Syrian condemnations.

The declarations made by the head of the so-called “coalition” drew widely condemn and denouncement by many Syrian parties, in which he called on the Turkish army to intervene and occupy other Syrian territories.
The “Syrian Fraternity Platform” considered the declarations of the head of the coalition as “a betrayal of the principles of the people’s revolution” and by a statement for them today, he called on all Syrians to beware of those, the coalition, who implement foreign agendas that do not serve the Syrian people and their aspirations for freedom and justice.
The statement of the platform included that the accusation issued by the coalition about targeting a hospital in Afrin and accusing the Syrian Democratic Forces of it is based on a “false invitation,” as no evidence was presented and without attribution to the results of an investigation, but rather a “political accusation,” and this confirms the coalition’s “ultimate intentions,” as what was included in the statement.
The “Syrian Fraternity Platform” expressed its astonishment for a party claiming to represent the Syrian opposition to invite a foreign country to intervene and occupy its country’s territories, while the Syrians are waiting for them to unite their position and initiate a Syrian-Syrian dialogue to preserve “the unity of the country and people.”
The platform affirms that the city of Manbij is liberated and includes more than one million Syrians, most of them have been abandoned by the regime and now, they living among their families in safety and security, and they have declared their refusal to enter the so-called opposition or the regime to their territories.
The platform concluded its statement by calling for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue among the “honest people” including all Syrians “to form a national basis for a transitional phase that would lead Syria and its people to safety and stability.”
On the other hand, the “Kurdish National Council,” one of the components of the “coalition,” issued a statement that considered that the coalition leader’s call for the Turkish presidency to intervene militarily in other regions of Syria “is a violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian state, an encroachment on the principles and values of the Syrian revolution, and harms the relations among the components of the coalition itself.” .